TV's Andy Levy
Full Name Andrew Lawrence Levy
Birthdate August 11, 1966
Birthplace Smithtown, Long Island, New York
Occupation Ombudsman
First Appearance February 5, 2007
IMDb Page link
Twitter @AndyLevy

TV's Andy Levy had been Red Eye's ombudsman since its debut in 2007. He appeared in the Pregame Report, Halftime Report and Post-Game Wrap-Up segments. Beginning in September, 2013, he moved out of the ombudsman role (which was eliminated entirely at that time) to become a full-time panelist on the show. Prior to this, he had appeared as a panelist on a number of occasions, especially early in the show's run; he often filled for Bill Schulz as the show's sidekick during this time frame. He often guest hosts when Greg Gutfeld is absent. He is one of only three people to serve as ombudsman, host and sidekick. (The other two are Sherrod Small and Gavin McInnes.)

Andy has a large Twitter following and uses the social network quite frequently. He famously got into a Twitter battle with singer Chris Brown (and Brown's fans known as "Team Breezy") over Brown's assault on girlfriend Rihanna. This was addressed on the show at the beginning of a Halftime Report in 2011.

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