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Jonathan Hoenig
Birthdate September 10, 1975
Birthplace Illinois
Occupation Businessman, Financial Analyst
Last Appearance June 8, 2012
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Twitter @JonathanHoenig

Jonathan Hoenig is a managing member of Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund and is a contributor to numerous financial shows on Fox News, including Cashin' In and Your World With Neil Cavuto. He's also a former regular Red Eye guest. Hoenig appeared quite regularly until 2010. Hoenig is based in Chicago and appeared on the show via satellite. It was around this time that Red Eye began to shy away from beaming in.

On June 8, 2012, Hoenig appeared on Red Eye for the first time since June 24, 2010. He also appeared in full make-up as a cast member from the musical Cats.

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