John Gibson
Full Name John David Gibson
Birthdate July 25, 1946
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Occupation Radio Host
First Appearance March 10, 2009
Last Appearance August 19, 2013
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Twitter @johngibsonfox

John Gibson is the host of The John Gibson Show on Fox News Radio; he joined Fox News in 2000. He is also a semi-regular guest on Red Eye. Host Greg Gutfeld, sidekick Bill Schulz and ombudsman Andy Levy joke that Gibson is a deviant at Fox News headquarters, with a basement full of dead bodies; and Greg commonly states that he is jealous of Gibson's hair.

Gibson has served as a Special Correspondent to Jersey Shore, providing special commentary on the characters and culture of the short-lived Reality Television show.

On February 14, 2013, Gibson announced that he was relocating to Texas and probably wouldn't be able to appear on Red Eye very much if at all in the future. He's appeared once since then.

His son, Jake Gibson works in the Fox News Washington D.C. office, as a producer for the Presidential Campaign(s), and the Justice Department.