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Imogen Lloyd Webber
Full Name Imogen Ann Lloyd Webber
Birthdate March 31, 1977
Birthplace London, England
Occupation Political Commentator, Author
First Appearance December 4, 2009
IMDb Page link
Twitter @illoydwebber

Imogen Lloyd Webber is a political commentator, author and semi-regular Red Eye guest panelist. On July 26, 2012, she made her first appearance since July 14, 2011. She had been scheduled for July 20, but that show got bumped and never taped. During the previous year, she was a paid contributor for MSNBC, which prevented here from appearing on Fox News and other networks. While she still is an MSNBC contributor, she is no longer prohibited from appearing on other networks.

On May 23, 2013, she filled in for Bill Schulz as sidekick for the first time, becoming the first and only female to appear in this capacity.

Her father is composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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