Halftime Report Sponsors
Last Appearance August 19, 2013

Halftime Report Sponsors were a daily feature on Red Eye. At the very end of "B" block, right after host Greg Gutfeld encourages viewers to write or call the show, Tom O'Connor announces the sponsor, which is usually something ordinary, while a video clip of it plays. O'Connor begins each one by saying: "Tonight's Halftime Report is sponsored by [sponsor]." and concludes with: "Thanks, [sponsor]." Originally, still photos were used instead of videos; video clips were first used regularly on December 1, 2010. When O'Connor is absent, the Halftime Report Sponsor usually was not used, although Mike Spasiuk sometimes filled in. While O'Connor was on his honeymoon in 2013, he prerecorded three weeks worth of sponsors.

When Halftime was retired in June of 2013, the sponsors bit moved to the end of "E" block, right before the new Post-Game Wrap-Up. Shortly thereafter, they began omitting sponsors altogether, especially when Andy Levy began appearing on the panel with more regularity. The final Post-Game sponsor, which was "goats," was presented on August 19, 2013.