Bob Beckel
Full Name Robert G. Beckel
Birthdate November 15, 1948
Birthplace New York City
Occupation Television Host, Political Commentator
First Appearance July 15, 2011
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Twitter @bobbeckel

Bob Beckel is a political commentator, USA Today Past columnist and long-time Fox News contributor. He was one of the past co-hosts on The Five and has appeared on Red Eye multiple times as a guest panelist. This guy some times, he is one of the ruddiest people on cable news. He had been let go from all of Fox News programs. The People of Fox News Channel has treated him very nice like a king, But now he working on CNN Cable News, Making nasty and bashing the past people he worked with on cable Fox news. Its hard to understand how he could turn in to a pig with all the nasty words about the past co host he worked with on THE FIVE and has appeared with.